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We are a South Yorkshire based company who specialise in creating a usable storage space in your loft, with over 15 years in this industry and extensive knowledge of all aspects of work to be undertaken to create the ideal storage solution for your home.

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We carry out all necessary works needed from a simple Loft Ladder installation to a complete luxury storage room. All our work is carried out by our own staff, who take great pride in achieving results that are expected by our customers

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We turn up when we say we will and offer an unrivalled service. All our prices are fixed so you can be sure you will only pay our published price no matter how complicated your installation may be.

fully insured

We offer a full satisfaction guarantee and have all necessary insurances needed. We also offer a warranty that we believe is unmatched within the industry. We are the only company that will make you really, love your loft!

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Aluminium Ladders – The Standard Two Part

This sturdy and practical aluminium loft ladder is a perfect solution for infrequent loft-access. Extending from two overlapping sections that fix to the inside of the loft, to be lowered down when access is needed. In order to keep it in-line this ladder has a yoke style arm. It has a weight load capacity of 150kg (23.6st), it also has ‘D’ shaped rungs for added comfort and security. Measuring (H)163 x (W)30.5cm, this ladder is suitable for heights (floor below to loft floor) up to 2.69m (8’10”).


Aluminium Ladders – The Standard Three Part

Like the standard two part ladder this is sturdy and practical and is a perfect loft access solution. It extends from three overlapping sections that fix to the inside of the loft. This ladder also has the same yoke style guide - as the two part ladder - that keeps it on-line whilst stowing or deploying. Measuring (H)139 x (W)30.5cm this ladder takes up less space in the loft. With a maximum height range of up to 3m (9’10”) this ladder is suitable for homes with higher ceilings.


Aluminium Ladders – The Three Part Easy Stow

The easy stow aluminium loft ladder also extends from three overlapping sections that fix to the inside of the loft. This ladder features a spring assisted system that provides the user with total control when lowering or stowing the loft ladder. It also comes with an in-loft handrail that allows the user to step off and back on again with ease. With a weight load capacity of 150kg (23.6st), it measures (H)139 x (W)30.5cm and has a floor-to-floor height range of up to 3m (9’10”).


Aluminium Ladders – The Telescopic Loft Ladder

These ladders are designed for use where there is little or no clear loft space to stow a conventional loft ladder. This ladder stows directly above the hatch door and therefore requires no stowage space outside of the hatch area. It has a weight load capacity of 150kg (23.6st), extra wide treads (90mm) for comfort & safety and automatic lock & release. It also has a floor-to-floor height range up to 2.9m (9’6”).


The Two Section Sliding Wooden Ladder

This ladder features spring assisted twin powers for total control when lowering or stowing the ladder. The wooden ladder has a deeper tread thus giving it more rigidity than its aluminium counterpart. With a weight load capacity of 150kg (23.6st), it measures (H)180 x (W)30cm and has a floor-to-floor height range of up to 3m (9’10”).


The Three Section Folding Wooden Ladder

This magnificent solid “cassette” style ladder comes pre-mounted onto a white faced insulated and draught proofed hatch unit, making it the complete loft-access solution. The unit uses no further loft floor space as the ladder is stored on the back of the hatch door. With a weight load capacity of 150kg (23.6st) and wide, deep timber treads (65mm) making it a very sturdy and solid ladder. This ladder is suitable for ceilings up to 2.8m (9’1”), however, an extension can be added to take the floor-to-ceiling height to 3.2m (10’4”). The door is spring assisted to make the opening and closing easier and user friendly.


MDF Door Hatch

As loft hatches must have drop down doors to accommodate ladders, we can fabricate an MDF hinged door to fit your existing hatch opening.


PVCu Hatch Unit

In place of the MDF door we can install a new PVCu Drop-Down Loft Access Door with a twist action catch which secures the frame in three places to provide a secure, draught-sealed fit. A pole attachment is supplied for opening the door from floor level and if required, the door can be removed completely. We usually have to increase (re-size) the existing opening in-order to accommodate the PVCu hatch unit. These hatches make accessing and using your loft ladder an easy and pleasant experience.


New Hatch Opening

If your existing loft hatch is not in a suitable practical place then we can reposition a new loft hatch opening, to make access to your loft easier.


Loft Insulation

Whether you require a full loft insulation installation or you just need to top up your existing insulation to ensure your house is energy efficient, then our team will be happy to arrange the loft insulation you need. Installed prices; 100mm - £6 sqm, 170mm – £7.50 sqm.


Loft Flooring Chipboard

Here at Love Your Loft we only use the best products. Where many of our competitors use loft boards which can be purchased from many DIY stores and are only 12mm thick and only 4ft x 1ft. We only install 18mm thick domestic contract wooden flooring as used as standard flooring throughout the building industry. The span of our loft boarding is 8ft x 2ft this ensuring even weight distribution across your loft more so than that of the smaller boards. The edges of our boards have a tongue and grooved interlocking system to further help reduce heat loss. This is laid onto a timber brace which both serves to strengthen your existing ceiling joists and raises the floor level above your insulation. This is vital as squashing the insulation not only reduces its efficiency but can create problems with ceilings underneath. The overall result is a well-insulated loft with an incredibly strong floor for storage purposes.



We also fit solid and traditional pine softwood planed (18mm thick & 4inch wide) floorboards with a tongue and groove finish. On occasions this will be the only flooring that we will be able to fit due to access and available loft space etc.


Lighting & Sockets

We are able to install a variety of light fittings from the standard pendant fittings to fluorescent tubes.  If you need sockets or power points for boilers we are also able to install them for you. When fitting sockets we always fit doubles as the work to fit them is essentially the same as fitting a single.


Loft Lining

Once we have completed the joinery and insulation aspects to your loft storage room, the next stage is to then install a loft lining. This is an optional extra, but we feel that it is well worth considering as there are many benefits to this including; damp proofing, making the room feel and appear more complete, further reducing heating bills, and is also a particular benefit to older properties where roof tiles have been back pointed, preventing rubble from falling onto your stored possessions.



By adding shelving in your loft, you can increase the storage area greatly. You'll have more space to place those smaller objects that could potentially get lost amongst the other items you store in your attic in an easy to find area. Our loft shelving solutions are constructed from the highest quality materials.


Plasterboard & Skim

If required plaster board and skim can be applied to any area of the loft roof that you specify. This can be applied to the whole or part of the roof. Alternatively, if only a section of the loft is to be floored we can erect stud framing and partition off the floored area. You can of course just have plaster board fitted but not plastered. If required we can apply a layer of insulation behind the plaster boards. A price for the above service can be given during the estimate appointment.


Velux Roof Windows

The most popular sizes are 55cm (w) x 78cm (l) or 55cm (w) x 98cm (l). These sizes are popular because Velux windows are fitted from the inside and size is limited by what can be passed through the hatch opening. Prices start at £600 supplied and fitted.

Ladder Type
With MDF Door
With PVCu Hatch
With Pendant Light
With Fluorescent Light
Standard Two-Part Ladder
Add £85
Add £110
Standard Three-Part Ladder
Add £85
Add £110
Three-Part Easy Stow Ladder
Add £85
Add £110
Two Section Sliding Timber Ladder
Add £85
Add £110
Telescopic Ladder
Add £85
Add £110
Three Section Folding Timber Ladder
With Resized Opening
Add £85
Add £110

our packages

Example 1

  • Up to 15sqm of loft flooring

  • MDF hatch door fabricated to fit the existing hatch opening

  • Standard Two part aluminium loft ladder

  • Pendant light fitting & switch

Example 2

  • Up to 15sqm of loft flooring

  • PVCu hatch unit

  • Three part aluminium easy stow ladder

  • Fluorescent light fitting & switch

Example 3

  • Up to 20sqm of loft flooring

  • Three section folding timber ladder

  • Fluorescent light fitting & switch

  • Double socket

  • Loft lining

Please note the above are just examples. Contact us for more detailed pricing information.

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